Public commitment to implement the main responsibility and ensure drinking water safety

2022-01-10 17:14

The food industry is a sunrise industry and people's livelihood industry. It is not only a pillar industry of the national economy, but also an indispensable industry for healthy China and meeting the people's pursuit of a better life. To ensure the quality and safety of packaged drinking water is not only the ardent expectation of consumers, but also the bounden responsibility of packaged drinking water production enterprises. Therefore, our signed enterprise will earnestly promote and implement the main responsibility for food safety and ensure the safety of public drinking water. Now we publicly promise to the society:

1、 The main person in charge of the enterprise is the first person responsible for food quality and safety and the key to implementing the main responsibility of food quality and safety. We should strictly implement food safety laws and regulations and food safety standards, and earnestly assume the leadership responsibility of ensuring food quality and safety.

2、 Adhere to the concept of quality and safety first, strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the food safety law and the regulations on the implementation of food safety, and strictly control the whole process and chain quality and safety of packaged drinking water production.

3、 Establish a scientific and advanced quality management system, establish perfect product quality standards, strictly implement various systems such as incoming inspection of raw materials, quality control of production process, delivery inspection of finished products and self inspection of food safety, so as to improve the level of food safety management.

4、 Strengthen the quality awareness of enterprise employees through training, promote enterprise employees to be familiar with and master post responsibilities, process technology, operation process and quality standards, and consciously control product quality in the production process.

5、 Strict product quality monitoring and assessment, and resolutely refuse to leave the factory for products that fail to pass the quality inspection. In case of defective products, they shall be removed from the shelves and recalled in time in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, effectively protect the interests of consumers, and timely report to the local food safety supervision and administration department.

6、 Establish and improve the food safety traceability system, objectively, effectively and truly record and preserve food quality and safety information, so as to realize forward traceability, reverse traceability and risk control of food quality and safety.

7、 Establish and improve the quality integrity system, adhere to integrity-based, Suntech abide by the law, be honest and trustworthy, and consciously accept the supervision of the government, the media and the public.

8、 Increase investment in R & D and innovation, actively carry out industry quality information exchange, establish channels to exchange and learn quality and safety information with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, industry associations and industry experts, and constantly improve the ability of food safety risk control.

Food is the most important thing for the people, and food safety is the first. It is our responsibility and mission to provide consumers with safe and healthy packaged drinking water. We will never forget our original intention and always maintain our advanced nature; Bear in mind the mission, bravely establish the tide of the times, strictly control the product quality, constantly improve the food quality and safety level, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of new Fujian in the new era.

Commitment unit:

Fujian Peugeot mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Zishan Group Co., Ltd

Fujian Wuyishan food and Beverage Co., Ltd

Jingtian (Fujian) food and Beverage Co., Ltd

Xiamen yuekou mineral water Co., Ltd

Fuqing Yaohua mineral Beverage Co., Ltd

Fujian Shanli Renjia Trade Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Zhengyi natural mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Qishan Songquan Industrial Co., Ltd

Xiamen kangyou water treatment equipment Co., Ltd

Fujian Sanjiang Beverage Co., Ltd

Fujian Guangze Wuyi mineral water beverage Co., Ltd

Fujian Xiangye mineral water beverage Co., Ltd

Xiamen Jimei shuangrongxing Beverage Factory

Fujian Baiyan mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Anxi qingshuiyan mineral water Co., Ltd

Fuzhou shibazhong natural mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Gutian Lvlin Shibi mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Lixue Food Co., Ltd

Putian Yitong Jiangshan Food Co., Ltd

Fujian Nanping Jingpin mountain spring Co., Ltd

Fujian Runhe mineral water Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Tiankang mineral water Co., Ltd

Fujian Yongchun Jinyuan mineral water Co., Ltd

Fuzhou bajingquan drinking water Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Angel space water Co., Ltd. Fuding branch

Xiamen Baili Beverage Development Co., Ltd

Longyan impression rainforest mineral water Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Guanchang plastic packaging Co., Ltd

Sanming Bosheng mould plastic products Co., Ltd

Fujian Nanping lvxiu Beverage Co., Ltd

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